Netanyahu: Israel’s New Secret Weapon Presents ‘Existential Threat’ to Our Enemies

Israel completes comprehensive missile shield, putting any enemies foolish enough to attack her at grave risk

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Israel this week officially unveiled a not-so-secret secret weapon it has been working on with the US defense industry for some years.

The entry into service of the David’s Sling anti-missile system completes Israel’s multi-tier missile shield.

Already for years the Iron Dome has been protecting southern Israel from short-range rockets and mortar shells.

The Arrow system recently went into service to defend Israel against long-range ballistic missiles. It was utilized a week ago to defend Israeli warplanes on a mission over Syria from enemy anti-aircraft.

David’s Sling is intended to fill the gap between the Iron Dome and the Arrow by knocking down the type of medium-range missiles of which Lebanon’s Hezbollah is believed to have tens of thousands.

With this multi-tier missile shield in place, Israel’s enemies are unlikely to do much damage to her, but would not survive a serious Israeli counterattack.

And that’s why Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned during the ceremony for the David’s Sling:

“Whoever tries to strike us will be hit, those that threaten our existence put themselves in existential danger.”

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