New China-Iran Covenant Worries Israel EPA-EFE/THOMAS PETER
Middle East

New China-Iran Covenant Worries Israel

An in-depth look at the new China-Iran deal, and how it could shake up the Middle East


Iran and China are about to conclude a trade and military cooperation agreement. Over the next 25 years, the Asian giant will invest $400 billion in the Islamic Republic. The money will help to expand infrastructure, build ports and other national projects, and boost tourism and the oil and gas industry.

For the collapsing Iranian economy, this deal represents a financial lifeline enabling the Ayatollahs to circumvent US sanctions. In return, China gains a strategic presence in the region, strengthens its position as a global economic power, and thus weakens American influence.

The agreement is a major blow to Washington’s foreign policy in the Middle East, and for that reason and others is perceived by Israel as a genuine threat.


A vassal of China?

The deal is not yet done, and both sides are waiting for the result of the upcoming US presidential election, according to the New York Times. The Iranian regime has already published details of the agreement, and China has neither confirmed nor disputed these reports. Tehran is keen to implement the deal and promote...


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