Israel Today calls out Danish Bible Society over Replacement Theology. EPA/FELIPE TRUEBA

New Danish Bible: Progressive “Scriptures” for Secular People

Israel Today speaks to Danish Bible Society after it blatantly promotes Replacement Theology


The commotion around The Contemporary Danish Bible 2020 started with a Jan Frost video aired on April 17, turning attention to the omission of the word “Israel” from this new translation. This was quite an exaggeration considering that, according to the Danish Bible Society, the words “Israel, Israelite, Israelites” appear more than 2,000 times in the new translation. How many more times the Danish Bible Society wouldn’t exactly say.

This was not meant as an effort to nitpick. The word “Israel” in its various forms appears 2,590 times in the King James Version. I asked Birgitte Stoklund Larsen, general secretary of the Danish Bible Society, “how many times does the word ‘Israel’ appear in your new translation of the Old Testament?” She sidestepped the question. This is important, because it raises another question–why does this new translation of the Bible selectively omit the word “Israel” some 500 times, from both the Old and New Testaments?

Instead, Larsen related that in this…