New Fashion in an Old City

Visiting Jerusalem, but have already seen all the holy sites? The city’s got much more to offer

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Fashion
Israeli fashion
Israeli fashion Photo: Miriam Alster/FLASH90

Israel is known around the world for its innovative solutions to modern technological and environmental challenges. Unknown to most, is that in the world of fashion, Israel is becoming a sought-after brand.

Albert Elbaz has become one of the biggest names with his “Nununu” children’s clothing brand. All the stars in Hollywood “just have to have their children in his clothes,” an assistant to Israeli “Wonder Woman” Gal Gadot told Israel Today.

Alon Livne is another Israeli designer from Tel Aviv whose fashions are being worn by some of the most well-known pop-culture stars like Kim Kardashian and Beyonce.

A new initiative now wonders if the ancient city of Jerusalem behind the Jewish head coverings and Muslim hijabs might have something to offer the modern world of fashion. 

The company that aims to help others explore the culture in Jerusalem through fashion is called Fashionating by Liri. “My goal is to bring Israeli Fashion to the first tier while empowering Israeli fashion designers, brands and companies,” says Liraz (Liri) Cohen. “So far we offered fashion tours only in Tel Aviv but Jerusalem is the city that made me fall in love with her 12 years ago when I had a 7 day trip through the IDF and it was only a question of time until we’ll expand to Jerusalem to showcase a different type of fashion.”

This is an exclusive opportunity that Fashionating by Liri is providing to open the gate on a field that should get more recognition. Their tour not only tells the story of Jerusalem but also how 2,000 years of history and spirituality translates into a garment. “There are so many layers and stories wrapped up in the history of Jerusalem; it’s amazing to see how that lends itself to inspire fashion” says Liri. 

In their tours, Fashionating by Liri is pairing up with designers in Jerusalem to have them share their unique stories and to show their exclusive, behind the scene processes, that no one has ever experienced before. At the beginning of the tour participants are greeted with a popped bottle of champagne, delicious treats, and fresh fruit to set a festive mood. On their tour participants have access to designers’ studios that are off the beaten path of the city. “When we told designers we are starting tours in Jerusalem they were so happy, it was like they were waiting for someone who will let them speak and share their inspiration. For us, that means it all” says Liri. 

So if you are in Jerusalem don’t just think about visiting the Holy places, experience the old and new fashion scene too and discover a new layer to Jerusalem you have never been exposed to before.


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