New IDF Naval Missile System to Protect Offshore Energy

Israel is facing new military threats today.

By David Shishkoff | | Topics: IDF

In the air, on land and by sea Israel is facing new threats. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are adapting – developing and acquiring new capabilities and new weapons to meet these threats. These new arms can take the form of large systems involving multiple units and intense cooperative communication. The new arms can also take the form of improved tools for the individual soldier.

Over the past decade, the IDF has focused on major changes in technology. Maintaining a technological edge is more important than ever. Today, every unit in the IDF is provided with a wide range of technological means, including new helmets and special night vision tools which improve the combatants’ performance and also provide more safety and protection for soldiers. These arms are developed both in Israel and also in other countries. The past year has seen a variety of new equipment for the IDF.


A new missile system for the Israeli navy

As Israel Today recently reported, amazingly, many of Israel’s energy needs are now provided by new offshore gas drilling in the Mediterranean Sea. The natural gas discovery has been a huge blessing, but has also led to tension with Lebanon and Turkey. These vulnerable offshore assets are vital for the Israeli economy, are extremely expensive and have required the IDF to provide an effective defensive shield far from land.

In September 2020, the Israeli navy conducted an experiment with a new missile system developed by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) for this, as well as other purposes. (See IDF article in Hebrew with pictures here.)

The new system offers improved attack capability, accuracy and longer range. It is more flexible and able to better handle advanced threats than the previous system.

The missile trial exercise involved the Saar 5 missile ship, as well as the new Saar 6 missile ship that will go on duty in the Israel Navy in the coming months. The system launched a missile at a target ship that simulated an enemy vessel. (See video.) The exercise was a success and represented a significant step in strengthening Israel’s naval protective capacity in these tense times in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Navy chief Ram Rotberg poses for a picture near the Israeli 'Yam Tethys' gas processing rig near the Israeli southern coast of Ashkelon Photo: Flash90


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