North Korea Again Threatens ‘Sacred’ War Against Israel

Following criticism from Netanyahu, North Korea accuses Israel of being an nuclear-armed terror state

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North Korea has responded to Israel's siding with the United States against Pyongyang's nuclear arms program by threatening to destroy the Jewish state.

After Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticized North Korea, the hermit regime issued the following statement:

"This is an unpardonable insult and provocation to the dignity and social system in the DPRK and the choice made by its people.

"Israel not only represents dictatorial forces for aggression that trample down the legitimate right of the Palestinian people and indiscriminately kill them but also is a rogue group that poses a nuclear threat and makes terrorist attacks on its neighboring countries with lots of nuclear weapons."

Yes, North Korea actually accused Israel of regularly attacking its neighbors with nuclear weapons.

Remember, they don't get a lot of outside news and information in North Korea, so perhaps they can be excused for being so woefully confused?

What's not a joke is the possibility of North Korea passing on weapons, technology and other resources to enemies much closer to Israel's borders.

The Syrian nuclear reactor that Israel destroyed in 2007 is widely believed to have been built by North Korean engineers.

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