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The Church systematically, and intentionally, severed herself from her own Jewish roots, and she lost so much.

By David Lazarus |
Photo: Public Domain

The Apostle Paul recognized as early as 60 AD in his letter to the Romans (11:25) that the Church was in danger of rejecting her Jewish heritage. He warned of the disastrous results, the pride and arrogance that would come upon the Church by distancing herself from Jerusalem and the legacy of thousands of years of divine Jewish history.

Yet already in 168 AD, Pope Victor of Rome forbade the Church from using the Jewish calendar to determine when to celebrate biblical holidays. How could the Church forbid that which the Apostles and Jesus Himself practiced?

Hard to understand, but by the early 300s AD, Saint Augustine taught that is was “an unforgivable sin” for followers of Christ to practice a Jewish lifestyle. By the time that Emperor Constantine, in 325 AD at the First Council of Nicea, forbade the celebration of Passover in the Church and instituted the law of Easter, the link between Christianity and the Jewish people was severed completely.

Here are just two examples of what the Church...

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