Orthodox Jews in Israel’s Paratrooper Brigade

Recent protests wrongly gave the impression that all religious Jews are opposed to military service

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Recent news of mass ultra-Orthodox Jewish protests at the entrance to Jerusalem might have given the impression that Israel's most religious citizens are entirely opposed to the military service that everyone else in the country is obligated to perform.

But that's not the case.

In fact, many Orthodox sects are so "up in arms" (pun intended) precisely because a growing number of their own communities are voluntarily joining the IDF.

Just last week, cadets of the vaunted Paratroopers Brigade completed their annual "masa kumta" – a 37-mile trek that concludes with them receiving the prestigious red beret.

Among them were 25 young ultra-Orthodox Jews.

Special organizations have been established to enable these religious recruits to continue deep study of the Scriptures and Rabbinical texts even as they physically defend the nation.

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