Our Hope Is NOT Lost

A personal and national roller coaster of emotions longing for genuine transformation.

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Israel Today Editor-in-Chief Aviel Schneider (right), author Anat Schneider (center) and their son Elad at Saturday night's demonstration in Jerusalem.
Israel Today Editor-in-Chief Aviel Schneider (right), author Anat Schneider (center) and their son Elad at Saturday night's demonstration in Jerusalem.

After many weeks of protest throughout Israel and a real sense of threat to the existence of this nation

After long weeks in which women once again felt threatened and believed the equality they fought for was about to disappear…

After so much time, something happened last Thursday:

Hope was born in my heart.

Defense Minister Yoav Galant announced that he was going to make a statement to the nation. I have waited so long for someone from this government coalition to speak with us, with the people. To actually respond to our fears. To take our frustrations seriously.

For so long I hoped that we would stop seeing the people of Israel as two separate camps.

My hope that was born on Thursday was soon let down. At nine o’clock in the evening, instead of hearing the defense minister’s statement — Bibi, the prime minister, rushed to dissuade the defense minister from his intention and gave a speech to the nation himself.

A disappointing speech that did not provide hope, that did not mean anything; and only sought to explain why the untenable situation would continue.

A speech that gave rise to frustration and left everything “as is.” And immediately after the speech Bibi hurried to fly to London. I was disappointed with Bibi, but more disappointed with Yoav Galant, on whom I had pinned my hopes. THEN on Saturday night the thing I hoped for and wished for, happened: Galant decided to make an official statement on a live broadcast. He decided to be faithful to his personal creed, which puts first and foremost the defense of the State of Israel, even if it meant going against the party line.

In his statement Galant warned that the security situation of the State of Israel is very precarious. At risk of being fired, he announced his personal insistence that the legislative process must be suspended for the moment and we must enter into true negotiations regarding the proposed constitutional changes to the judicial branch. Joy, hope and excitement flooded me. If I could have, I would have crossed into the TV screen and hugged him.

I finally felt that here was a sane person in front of me who was not driven by personal motives. A person thinking about the good of the people, about the good of the country, and first and foremost about its security. And hope was rekindled in me.

Not a day passed and the defense minister, whom I currently call a hero of Israel, was fired by the prime minister.

It was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

As soon as word of his dismissal was heard, crowds of people (mainly young men and women) filled the streets of the country in protest. The crowds spread from Afula to Eilat. The protest also went down to the Dead Sea: about 700,000 protesters hit the streets all over the country.

At 12:00 midnight, my husband Aviel, my son Elad, and I drove to join in at the Knesset in Jerusalem, where demonstrations were also taking place.

My feeling was as if the State of Israel was reborn. Thousands of Israeli flags were being held aloft, by people who believe there is hope, but know that right now it is necessary to fight for it.

I felt a thrill of unity, of togetherness, as one people: Orthodox religious Jews, secular citizens, young, old, women, men and even children were in the demonstration. All sectors as one nation.

I don’t know what each day will bring. I am not a prophetess. But inside me there is a tangible feeling: On the upcoming Independence Day, the 75th year of the State of Israel, one of these two scenarios will take place.

Either that day will feel like a disaster, like total destruction. Or it will feel like the resurgence of the State of Israel. I hope we will come to our senses and understand.

For we are brothers (Genesis 13:8). Israel yet lives (Genesis 45:3). Our hope is not lost (Ezekiel 37:11).


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2 responses to “Our Hope Is NOT Lost”

  1. Robert's World says:

    No doubt many/ most Israelis are distraught over the political turbulence.
    As with the readers from various countries, there are times where we are frustrated/ upset over political leadership and the decisions they make.
    If we were in China or Iran, voicing your dissent might even cost you your life. But the Lord does not want us to get wrapped up in the political spirits at work (whether it is the “Good” side or the “Bad” side.
    As believers, it is best if we join Habakkuk in his prayer 3:17-19, in a quiet trust and confidence.

    As David Lazarus put it, “The Jewish State is not my hope”. Indeed! Our hope is in the Lord, not in politicians. Maybe, just maybe, God will use this turbulence to bring about the next chapter of his Great Book regarding Israel.

  2. Masami Cobley says:

    To be very honest with you, I do not quite appreciate your emotions and thoughts over the situation of Israel, because God’s possible will or plan is not at all taken into consideration. I know Yeshua calls Israel “My country”. I believe that He is in the process of fulfilling Isaiah 49:6, that even in the typhoon storm in Israel, He IS in control, and that no one can become the Prime Minister of His country without His permission and anointing. So, I would not dismiss Netanyahu merely as a man “driven by personal motives”. I’ve been praying and fasting that Yeshua may reveal Himself to 153 leaders including all MKs and Supreme Court judges. As the bill is postponed now, I am praying earnestly that the Lamb of God may reveal Himself to them in the night of the Passover next week.

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