PA forms united front with Hamas to fight Israel

The Moscow summit revealed that a technocratic government will not end terrorism; it will disguise it, and it will not end the conflict, it will escalate it.

By Daniel Greenfield | | Topics: palestinians, Hamas
Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas attends a meeting in the Samaria city of Ramallah, March 10, 2019. Photo by Hadas Parush/Flash90.
Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas attends a meeting in the Samaria city of Ramallah, March 10, 2019. Photo by Hadas Parush/Flash90.

While the Biden administration and the European Union were working on creating a “Palestinian” state, the real details were being fleshed out in Moscow, where the Palestinian Authority, Hamas and other terrorist groups were meeting.

The summit, convened at the Institute of Oriental Studies, once a vehicle for Soviet influence operations in the Third World, brought together Azzam al-Ahmada, a member of the PLO Executive Committee, and Mousa Abu Marzouk, a top Hamas leader, as well as representatives for Islamic Jihad, the PFLP, DFLP and other terror groups.

The goal of all these terrorists coming together was to create a “technocratic government.”

What is a “technocratic government”? It’s a front for the terrorists and composed of nonprofit executives, academics, economists and others who have experience dealing with the international community and extracting foreign aid from them.

Hamas will not officially be part of the puppet regime, but will control the puppets.

“I hear a lot internationally, did Hamas agree? It’s none of your business,” Husam Zomlot, the PA’s ambassador to the United Kingdom told The Financial Times, adding, “About Hamas—there are ongoing discussions…but this government is a technocratic government, it’s not made of any political factions, because this is not the time for political factions.”

That’s what the Biden administration and the European Union want to hear, but while Qatar is helping assemble a new “technocratic” front for the terrorists, the Moscow summit made it clear that the real agenda of the new government would be terror against Israel and the United States.

The PLO-Hamas-Islamic Jihad summit in Moscow concluded with a commitment to “national unity that embraces all Palestinian forces and factions within the framework of the Palestine Liberation Organization” and laid out the main goals, beginning with “confronting Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and Jerusalem, which is carried out with the support, assistance and participation of the United States.”

The only actual point of unity for the Islamic terrorist groups that met in Moscow was fighting Israel. And that will be the only mission of any regime they put into place.

According to a report from the Lebanese Al-Mayadeen, “The statement expressed support for the resilient Palestinian people and their Resistance, particularly in Gaza, the occupied West Bank, and al-Quds… and providing assistance to the families of martyrs.” Translated into ordinary English, that means supporting the Hamas attacks on Israel and providing funding for the Islamic terrorists and their families.

Hamas won’t be out front, but the new “technocratic government” will work for it.

“The time now is not for a government where Hamas will be part of it, because, in this case, then it will be boycotted by a number of countries, as happened before,” PA Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki told the UN correspondents’ association. “We don’t want to be in a situation like that. We want to be accepted and engaging fully with the international community.”

It isn’t time for Hamas to be part of the government until the puppet regime has managed to pump the international community for money and diplomatic recognition. And the Biden administration and the European Union are only too eager to provide both.

The only question is whether Hamas will be willing to go along this time. Every previous unity proposal had blown over this same issue, but this time Israel has Hamas on the ropes, and this may be the terror group’s only survival strategy. In Moscow, Hamas signed on the bottom line of a unity statement endorsing the PLO as the representatives of the “Palestinian people.”

It was only appropriate since the “Palestinians” were invented not in the Middle East but in Moscow, under the old Soviet apparatchiks who are still running things now. They include Putin’s Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov, who convened the summit. PA President Mahmoud Abbas composed his Holocaust denial thesis while studying at Moscow’s Patrice Lumumba University, which trained a generation of third-world terrorists, and Abbas allegedly worked under Bogdanov as a KGB asset using the code name “Mole.”

At the Moscow summit, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told the representatives of the PLO, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and half a dozen other terror groups that Abbas had “changed the government, dismissed the previous one, and began the process of selecting new technocratic ministers,” which the Putin official hoped “will contribute to the intensification of the inter-Palestinian dialogue.”

What the Moscow summit revealed was that the only “inter-Palestinian dialogue” would be between different terrorist groups. Whatever puppets might be out front in the “technocratic government,” the actual government would be the terrorists.

The Biden administration and the rest of the international community are eager to solve the problem posed by Oct. 7, Israel’s campaign against Hamas and the domestic Muslim outrage in the West by doubling down on the “two-state solution” and creating a Palestinian terrorist state. While the State Department, the Foreign Ministry, UN officials, Qatari emissaries and other diplomats discuss what a state would look like with the PA, the PA is coordinating with its fellow terrorists so as not to spoil its party by revealing what’s going on.

The PA is trying to make it work by providing two sets of mutually contradictory assurances. Western diplomats are being told that the PA can unify the Palestinian people around a state and an end to the conflict. Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other fellow terror groups are being assured that the PA remains absolutely committed to waging a war to destroy Israel.

The Moscow summit was the other half of the split screen to the negotiations being conducted by Washington, DC, and various European capitals. While in DC there are promises of peace, in Moscow there are only promises of war.

And history tells us that it is the promises of war that should be trusted.

The summit was about dividing up the proceeds, ahead of time, of whatever benefits the technocratic government would extract from Israel, America and the rest of the world, whether it is a “Palestinian state,” billions in foreign aid or contracts for the reconstruction of Gaza, along with weapons and training.

The “technocratic government” will provide the Biden administration and other governments with the plausible deniability needed to go on funding terrorists.

As the campaign to recognize a technocratic puppet regime mounts, it will be vitally important to remember the Moscow summit and its unity position.

The Moscow summit revealed that a technocratic government will not end terrorism; it will disguise it, and it will not end the conflict, it will escalate it.

A Palestinian state, the terrorist groups have already announced, will be a terror state.