Palestinian Authority Abducts Jerusalem Arab for Selling Land to Jews

Israel has taken harsh measures to secure the release of Arab Jerusalem resident who is also a US citizen

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In mid-October, an Arab resident of eastern Jerusalem by the name of Issam Akel was essentially abducted by the Palestinian Authority's intelligence service known locally as the GIS. His crime was selling property in the Holy City to Jews.

The Palestinian Authority has no jurisdiction over any part of Jerusalem, making Akel's arrest illegal, especially given that he hold an Israeli identity card as a permanent resident of the Jewish state.

Akel is also an American citizen, and the US Consulate arranged with the Palestinian Authority to let his wife visit him in prison. She later reported that her husband was in very bad shape following weeks of imprisonment, and, given the PA's track record, mostly likely torture.

Israel itself is working to secure Akel's freedom. The most visible step has been to arrest the PA's "Jerusalem Governor" Adnan Ghaith (seen being taken to court in the above video), who was almost certainly involved in Akel's abduction.

Israel has also imposed a travel ban on the PA's Minister for Jerusalem, Adnan Husseini, until Akel is released.

But a senior officer in the IDF's Coordinator for Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) said that much tougher action must be taken on Akel's behalf. He suggested taking direction action against the Palestinian Authority intelligence services, and possibly even their boss, PA leader Mahmoud Abbas.

PHOTO: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

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