Palestinian Authority will immediately reward Hamas terrorists

Under Palestinian law, the families of the terrorists who invaded Israel will be paid generously, with Western financial aid.

By Ryan Jones | | Topics: palestinians, Hamas
Hamas grafitti scrawled on a house of Israelis butchered by terrorists last week in Kibbutz Be'eri. Photo by Omer Fichman/Flash90
Hamas grafitti scrawled on a house of Israelis butchered by terrorists last week in Kibbutz Be'eri. Photo by Omer Fichman/Flash90

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken met last week with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, and gave the impression that he walked away feeling the Palestinian Authority was on the right side of the Gaza war.

Abbas felt that way, too.

Problem is these two men don’t mean the same thing by “right side.”

“The Secretary thanked President Abbas and his team for their work to further calm the situation for the benefit of Palestinians, Israelis, and the tens of thousands of Americans who also call the West Bank [sic] home,” said State Department spokesman Matthew Miller after the meeting. “Secretary Blinken reaffirmed the US commitment to cooperation with the Palestinian leadership and people on efforts to ensure security for all.”

But at the same time the Abbas regime was telling America’s top diplomat what he wanted to hear, it was also preparing to pay generous rewards to the families of the 1,500-plus Hamas terrorists who brutalized southern Israel a week ago.

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As reported by Palestinian Media Watch:

“Under Palestinian Authority law, every terrorist who is killed attacking Israel is defined as a “Martyr” whose family is immediately rewarded by the PA with a 6,000 shekels ($1,511) grant and a 1,400 ($353) per month allowance for life.

“This means each family of the 1,500 dead Hamas terrorists who invaded Israel will receive 7,400 shekels for this first month. Families of those terrorists who were married and had children will receive even more. The PA will pay at least 11,100,000 shekels ($2,789,430) this month as a reward for participating in last week’s murders and atrocities against Israeli civilians.”

And that despite the fact Hamas and Abbas’ regime are bitter rivals.

The Palestinian leader pays the same rewards to Hamas terrorists as he does any others because he knows how popular Hamas is among the Palestinian people. After all, the last time the Palestinians held a general election, the people handed Hamas a landslide victory.

Also important to remember is that the Palestinian Authority doesn’t have the money to make such lavish payments to terrorists. It relies on Western financial aid to do so. European Union countries and Norway are among the biggest Western donors to the Palestinian Authority. The United States also provides a healthy sum.

So, those are your tax dollars and euros that Abbas will use to reward the ISIS-like Hamas forces that terrorized Israel.