Palestinians Push Alternative University Knowledge

Why is it that the Palestinians get a pass for pushing widely-debunked conspiracy theories?

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Photo: Nasser Ishtayeh/Flash90

Kellyanne Conway, who serves as counselor to US President Donald Trump, took fire in 2017 for approving of “alternative facts” presented by then-White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. If Conway’s going to face criticism over that gaffe, then Palestinian universities deserve to be wholly censured by the international community.

During a recent televised lecture at Al-Azhar University, political science lecturer Riyad Al-Aileh taught his students:

“The Jews claim that they were in Palestine 2,000 years ago. If we look at the history we will see that they were not in Palestine in the past, but rather only as invaders less than 70 years ago. For these 70 years they have been invaders, like the Hyksos, the Byzantines, the Persians, and [British] colonialism. The Canaanite Palestinian people has since succeeded in defeating those invaders and continue [to live] in this land.”

As we have reported numerous times, the amount of written and physical evidence of Jewish history in this land is simply overwhelming. The Bible and the incredible number of archaeological finds matching its descriptions are more than enough to prove the Jewish connection to this land, for those with “eyes to see, and ears to hear.”

Apparently, that paraphrase of Jesus’ words doesn’t describe the Palestinians. Just a day after Al-Aileh’s fallacious lecture, Palestinian archaeologist Abir Zayyad went on the PA TV program Jerusalem: The Scent of History to report that “we have no archaeological evidence of the presence of the children of Israel in Palestine in this historical period 3,000 years ago, neither in Jerusalem, nor in all of Palestine.”

Anyone who has visited this Land knows that’s simply not true.

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