MembersPharaoh’s Daughter – Compassion


By Anat Schneider | | Topics: WOMEN OF THE BIBLE
Photo: Creative Commons

In contrast to the other characters in the story of Moses, most of whom we know by name, Pharaoh’s daughter, the one that rescued and adopted Moses, remains nameless. We have almost no information about her. We do not know anything of the circumstances or happenings in her palace while Moses was growing up.


Many questions come to mind, and none are answered directly by the biblical account. Thus, the only way to gain any understanding of this woman is to more closely analyze the few descriptions that are provided.


Let’s take a look at some of the verbs contained in the account found in Exodus 2:1-10.


Noticing the basket among the reeds shows that Pharaoh’s daughter was inquisitive, and was attentive to all that was happening around her. Paying attention to detail shouldn’t be taken for granted, especially in familiar surroundings. Her curiosity is revealed when, upon retrieving the basket, she immediately opens...

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