MembersReformation, Not Provocation

Many imagine that modern Jewish believers in Yeshua (JBY) who practice a Jewish lifestyle and promote unconventional biblical interpretations are being provocative and anachronistic.

By Gershon Nerel |
Big Flag Western Wall
A nationalist group with a big flag of Israel seen next to the Western Wall, the holiest place for Jewish on November 06, 2016. Photo by Sebi Berens/Flash90 Photo: Sebi Berens/Flash90

But the truth is that JBY are an inspirational, prophetic and timely phenomenon ahead of the coming return of the Lord Yeshua (Jesus).


JBY are introducing their own spiritual Reformation (yes, with a capital “R”) and challenging not only historic Christianity, but also traditional Judaism. The very existence of a global and vibrant Messianic “Yeshua movement,” with its fresh biblical interpretations and strong Hebraic identity, touches the most sensitive nerves of both Christendom and Jewry.


Directly and indirectly, JBY compel both Church and Synagogue to review their deeply-rooted convictions about stereotypic conceptions and creeds. Christendom hesitates to recognize within itself a distinct, yet legitimate Jewish entity. Mainstream branches of Judaism are reexamining Messianism, particularly with regard to modern false “messiahs.” The boundaries of Israeli Jewish identity are being redefined.


The national and spiritual revolution of JBY encompasses exegesis and symbolism, liturgy and hymnology, society and universalism.


Most JBY...

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