MembersReligion, State and How We Read the Bible

We want to read and be inspired by Scripture, but heaven forbid our modern leaders actually govern like beloved biblical kings.

By Ryan Jones | | Topics: Bible, Religion, Jewish State
Israel is supposed to be an example to the nations of godliness, not progressive "democratic" values, and the two are not always compatible. So which takes precedence? Photo by Miriam Alster/Flash90
Israel is supposed to be an example to the nations of godliness, not progressive "democratic" values, and the two are not always compatible. So which takes precedence? Photo by Miriam Alster/Flash90

The present uproar in Israel over keeping religious coercion out of politics, which is echoed in similar movements in Europe and America, highlights a disconnect between the way we read the Bible and our desperate clinging to what we perceive to be the personal freedoms inherent in modern democracy.

Here in the Holy Land this manifests in the panicked assertions that Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing government heavy with religious lawmakers will transform Israel into a religious state akin to the Islamic Republic of Iran. And this, Bibi’s detractors howl, will result in curbs on anything deemed biblically immoral.

To hear secular folks express such concerns isn’t at all surprising. But it’s curious that so many Bible-believing Christians and Messianic Jews similarly seem to put progressive democratic freedoms on a higher pedestal than adherence to the Word of God.

Consider that when we read the Bible, the kings and rulers that we and the text most...

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8 responses to “Religion, State and How We Read the Bible”

  1. Vernon Ryan says:

    Doesn’t freedom mean, to be free from slavery? Yet, those on the left want very much an ideology, communism, that takes people directly to slavery. No matter what kind of package they wrap it up in, when it is in full power, it brings slavery.
    Who do people want to be bound to in today’s world, those who, “profess to want to bring freedom under communism or Islam?” or those who work to live free from oppressors and defend themselves from them on a daily basis in Israel?
    Those on the left bring nothing but rebellion, fear and hardship, freedom, is the farthest thing from their minds. But the Lord gives us liberty to choose which direction we will walk in, we are to choose wisely.

  2. Susan says:

    Amen! It seems that what most are seeking is “freedom from God and His will.” We must choose this day whom we will serve!

  3. Annette Leon says:

    I have noticed often, comments made here this obsession of Communism, can someone explain the difference between that and Socialism as they see it… lt seems to me, what I have acquired in my understanding of YESHUA he was a Scocialist. He IMV used common-sense in the application of the Law. In other words the Intent not the ridged practice. He himself got into trouble at times breaking the law. So if Christians see him as G-D was he breaking his own laws or a Messianic figure with a deeper Insight.?🤔 🔯

  4. Stig Clausen says:

    With the law written on the heart and not the stone, spiritual guidance and discernment will come assisting us to do what is right and God-pleasing in every situation. The heart of our Lord Yeshua we know as the most tender, kind and compassionate ever to be imagined, expressing the true nature of God: LOVE/אהבה AMEN/אמן. God does not live in houses made of stones. Forget all about ideology, rightwinged or leftwinged. God’s kingdom is not of this world. It is heartbreaking again and again to be met with anticommunistic nonsens. Believe me, I am not a communist or anything else, I just want to have confidence in the LORD.

  5. 037 says:

    I was born in a communist’s country.
    No, communism is NOT about community.
    It’s just about a “few good men” at the top of the “food chain” aka “apparatchiks”.

    However, once on a while, the top echelon will “purge” themselves of the “ foreign elements” tru spreading terror among the masses, causing millions to die.

    No. In Communism there is no place for God, to them, as per Karl Marx: “Religion, thus God, is the opiate of the masses, and this needs to be removed.

    Personally, I think the Communism/Socialism is a Satanic device.

  6. Masami Cobley says:

    Well said, Ryan. Perhaps too many Christians and even some Messianic Jewish people are too much influenced by the secular world view, forgetting that it is the living Lord God of Israel who is “gathering” the remnant to the Promised Land and is in the process of fulfilling not-yet-fulfilled prophecies. The Prime Minister of Israel is not like the PM of any other nations – he is directly held accountable to the living Lord God of the Bible. So, it is wrong for Messianic Jews and Christians to join the anti-Israeli-government protestors because they are in fact protesting against the God of Israel Himself. They ought to pray for their leaders in Israel.

  7. Disciple 1978 says:

    God is going to have his governance on earth in his millennial reign. He was supposed to have had it since Eden but we chose the alternative. Until then he has shared his light that mankind can be set free from spiritual darkness, i.e. worldliness. Governments are appointed by God for our benefit. (Rom 13:1) Non-compliant rulers are dismissed, God can raise them up or destroy them. Those who choose not to walk in the light despite knowing the light get judged. The secret is to do what is right by God and trust him to vindicate you. Moses, Aaron, David, the prophets, Messiah and the disciples were all challenged but they stood firm and trusted in divine intervention. They understood that real power resided in the spiritual realm. Rulers need the resolve to ensure that democracy embraces godliness, and is robust enough to withstand calls for immorality. God wants a nation of priests not a priesthood that detaches itself from the populace. The king/ruler is also a priest.

  8. Cristina Hadassah Florica Radulescu says:

    I do not see how this government is using the bible to govern when they want to appoint the judges on political grounds!
    Second, G-D chose David as king before he sinned, so no comparison to Netanyahu.
    What kind of party appoints a leader who is still on trial for corruption!
    To note: I am not a liberal!

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