MembersNeo-Orthodoxy and How Traditional Religion is Making a Comeback

Part 4 on figuring out why we think the way we do and what to do about it

By Solomon Kirsch | | Topics: Religion Meets Philosophy
Photo: Hadas Parush/Flash90

I pray using my grandfather’s phylacteries. When I miss the ritual of the morning prayers I lose touch emotionally and become distant from my existential sacred position – how I stand before God in supplication.

In this piece I am advocating for orthodoxy in an alternative way that is gaining popularity in the modern world.


What is Orthodoxy?

Let’s begin by defining what I mean by Orthodox or Traditional Religion. To me ‘orthodoxy’ is to practice what has been consistently cherished by our ancestors and embraces the meaningful psychological impact this has on my life, as well as the spiritual dimension, which grounds me in my faith life.

My Jewish traditions, passed on from generations have deep meaning; the sacraments, rituals, and words that have been cherished and carried along over millennia in our family, tribe,and religion.

Orthodoxy is a confluence of traditions, conservatism, tribalism and religion.

Tribalism I understand as a kind of groupism, whether ethnic or ideological, whereby people follow along...

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