Report: Business Between Israel and Arab Neighbors is Flourishing

Arab states are today less interested in the Palestinian cause than they are relations with Israel

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A Bloomberg expose published last week revealed that business is booming between Israel and many of its Arab neighbors, even if you can’t see it.

Arab countries are still careful not to make too much noise about their relations with Israel, lest they stir the wrath of a Muslim public that has been spoon-fed hate for the Jews for the past 65 years.

But those relations exist, and are growing stronger every day.

“This isn’t beating swords into plowshares, but a logical coalescence of interests based on shared fears: of an Iranian bomb, jihadi terror, popular insurgency, and an American retreat from the region,” according to the report.

Shmuel Bar, head of Israeli software intelligence company IntuView, told Bloomberg: “The Arab boycott? It doesn’t exist.”

Bar said that he meets freely and regularly with Saudi, Egyptian and other Arab officials and customers at conferences and other events abroad.

He said that while many Arab governments still pay lip service to the “Palestinian cause,” they are far more interested in what Israel can do for them.

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