MembersRight-wing! Antisemitic? And a Jew!

French presidential hopeful says Palestinians will never get a state, have lost the battle against Israel

By Aviel Schneider |

Right-wing extremist Eric Zemmour is seen as the strongest rival candidate to the current president, Emmanuel Macron, should he run in the next presidential election in France.

France is due to vote for president in April next year. Current polls show that this candidate who’s being referred to in the French media as a right-wing Trump-like “messiah” will do quite well. Unlike Trump, he doesn’t actually have a party behind him, and is even more to the Right than right-wing candidate Marine Le Pen.

The Islamophobic publicist and polemicist has not yet officially declared his candidacy, but he is already considered the only alternative candidate with a real shot against Macron. What really makes things interesting is that the right-wing extremist Eric Zemmour is a Jew.

A recent poll by the research institute Harris Interactive shows that Zemmour would get 19% of the vote if elections were held today. Le Pen would only get 16%. President Emanuel Macron is still in first place with 24%.

"First and foremost, I am a French citizen," said the 63-year-old Zemmour...

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