Rising Demand for Hebrew Lessons Amid COVID

Not only does learning the biblical tongue connect one more deeply with Israel, it is essential to fully understanding Scripture

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Hebrew
Notes from Hebrew lesson
Photo: Sophie Gordon/Flash90

We’re all stuck at home trying to find ways to endure what is starting to feel like a never-ending pandemic. But a growing number of folks are taking advantage of the situation to finally learn subjects and skills that they just didn’t have time for during the normal hustle and bustle prior to COVID-19.

For lovers of the Bible and supporters of Israel, learning Hebrew has always been on that “someday” list. Not only does learning the biblical tongue connect them more deeply with the Jewish state, it is essential to fully understanding Scripture.

A local Israeli initiative by the name of Hebrew at the Center this week reported a major increase in demand for its beginner Hebrew courses. The program is designed to help bring the worldwide Jewish community closer together, but no doubt many Christians are also interested.

To learn more about just how important Hebrew is to the nation of Israel, read Hebrew: Israel’s Secret Weapon.

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