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It’s no accident that the Book of Ruth has played such a central role in modern Zionist culture

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Photo: Hadas Parush/Flash90

It is amazing to see how the Book of Ruth resembles the story of the people of Israel. In the beginning of the book, we meet a family in crisis that feels they need to leave the country. The family suffers a series of tragedies and Naomi returns to Israel a widow who has also lost her sons. She returns with her faithful daughter-in-law, Ruth, who expresses a desire to be a part of the people of Israel. Ruth is a loving woman infused with faith and mission. Back in Israel, their financial difficulties continue.

“Salvation” comes in the form of Boaz, who rescues the women from their ill fortunes. Ultimately, Boaz and Ruth marry, children are born of this union, and later the Messiah of Israel is one of their descendants.

There are several parallels in this story to that of the Jewish people as a whole. Leaving the land due to famine, returning after a crisis, planting roots and salvation. We all look forward to the return of Messiah in our day.

In Zionist culture, the Book of...

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