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As a young 13-year-old stamp collector, I remember distinctly a set of US Post Office stamps commemorating various battles of the American Civil War, including one recalling the Battle of Shiloh that took place on April 6th, 1862.

By Victor Mordecai |
SETTLEMENTS Photo: Mendy Hechtman/FLASH90

For me Shiloh was a myth: just some place in the Southern States during the Civil War.


As a non-religious and uninformed child, I had never heard of Shiloh in Israel. And maybe one reason was that this Shiloh did not exist yet, or rather, its secrets were locked underground in Samaria.


Atheists, whom I call simply ignorant, believe that the Bible is a collection of myths. Therefore, there is no God.


Those who read the Bible know the stories of Shiloh: The Ark of the Covenant rested there for 369 years, and the place was visited by the Prophet Samuel and those whom he anointed kings—Saul and David.

But it wasn’t until 1967, with Israel’s stunning and historic victory over the Arabs, that Jews seeking to settle in these new territories of the biblical heartland could search out the very sites mentioned in Scripture.


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