Survey: Israelis Don’t Drink Much Booze

Israeli citizens drink less alcohol that all countries in the world except Turkey and Indonesia

By Yossi Aloni | | Topics: SOCIETY
Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

The consumption of alcohol in Israel is among the world’s lowest.  According to a new OECD report that examined alcohol consumption rates in 44 countries worldwide, Israelis drink on average only 2.6 liters of pure alcohol per year. This puts Israel in third from the lowest place in the world in consumption of alcohol.  Only Turkey (1.4 liters) and Indonesia (0.3 liters) consume less.

The next lowest consumers are: India (3 liters), Costa Rica (3.8), Mexico (4.4), Colombia (4.5), China (5.7), Norway (6), and Brazil (6.3).

Lithuania is the country whose citizens are the biggest drinkers in the world, consuming 12.3 liters of pure alcohol per year. One liter of vodka at 47.5 percent contains 375 ml of pure alcohol.  While a pint of beer at 5 percent alcohol contains 28.4 ml of pure alcohol.

After Lithuania, Austria (11.8), France (11.7), Czech Republic (11.6), Luxembourg (11.3), and Ireland (11.2) were the most binging countries. Russia has just surprisingly gone down to 9th place on the list at 11.1 liters of pure alcohol for a year. Right behind in 10th place is Germany with 10.9 liters.

US citizens consume 8.9 liters of pure alcohol per year, which is the world’s average. The British put down nearly one liter more of the pure stuff and consume 9.7 liters a year, which is equal to 108 bottles of wine or 342 pints of beer.

The authors of the report state that alcohol use is the main cause of death and disabilities around the world, especially among working-aged men. High alcohol intake is a major factor in heart disease and stroke, liver cirrhosis and some cancers, but even low-to-moderate consumption increases long-term risks.  Alcohol also contributes more to the rise in road accidents, violence, murder, suicide and mental illnesses than other substances, especially among young people.


The 10 countries where residents drink the most pure alcohol in the world:

1. Lithuania with 12.4 liters of pure alcohol per year.

2. Austria (11.8)

3. France (11.7)

4. Czech Republic (11.6)

5. Luxembourg (11.3)

6. Ireland (11.2)

7. Latvia (11.2)

8. Hungary (11.1)

9. Russia (11.1)

10. Germany (10.9)


The 10 countries in which the residents drink the least:

1. Indonesia drinks 0.3 liters of pure alcohol per person per year.

2. Turkey (1.4)

3. Israel (2.6)

4. India (3)

5. Costa Rica (3.8)

6. Mexico (4.4)

7. Colombia (4.5)

8. China (5.7)

9. Norway (6)

10. Brazil (6.3)

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