Tachles with Aviel – Israel wakes up the media!

What would the international mainstream media do without Israel? Everything would be much more boring.

By Aviel Schneider | | Topics: Gaza, Hamas, Media Bias
International media is monitoring the war in Gaza. Nati Shohat/Flash90
International media is monitoring the war in Gaza. Nati Shohat/Flash90

The media will always have a problem with Israel for the simple reason that Israel’s existence cannot be explained politically. How can one logically understand that “a good God in heaven” gave a people a strip of land thousands of years ago? For this to happen, they tell us, another people had to be driven out, the Palestinians. Standing by Israel without strong faith and conviction is almost impossible. But there are still people who find logic and truth in Israel’s humanity and see a future danger in radical Islam. It is always good when personalities from the mainstream media support Israel’s truth, and this often has nothing to do with God.

“There will come a day when we will see many more radicals, extremists and terrorists, all coming from Europe, because of a lack of right decisions, because they try to be politically correct or assume that they know the Middle East and know Islam and know other things much better than we do. I’m sorry, but this is pure ignorance!” said the Foreign Minister of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, about six years ago. He said this in English so that everyone at the Tweeps 2017 Forum could understand him correctly. The forum was focused on fighting extremist ideologies online. A few years later, the UAE signed a peace agreement with Israel.


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European governments still imagine that they know better, even than the Muslims themselves. This is an ignorance that will explode in Europe’s face. Arab governments are more afraid of their Islamist siblings than the Europeans. With people like former UK Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn it is not just folly but blind hatred. Recently, he finally called Hamas a “terrorist group” after avoiding that statement 15 times in an interview with Piers Morgan. At the same time, Corbyn also accused the Israeli army of committing “acts of terrorism.” Corbyn argued a ceasefire deal was necessary because Israel was killing thousands of children in attacks on the Gaza Strip in retaliation for the bloody Hamas attack. He doesn’t care about the Palestinian children, he only cares about being able to criticize Israel. Without dead Palestinian children, he has no political ammunition to blast Israel in the media.

In most major cities in Europe, Muslims are demonstrating for the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of Arabs. Most of them are refugees who were accepted into European countries out of pity. I doubt whether they are really protesting for the suffering people in the Gaza Strip. This is more of a statement of rising Islamic power in Europe. So many Muslims are suffering in the Arab world and no mass protests have broken out in Europe because of it. The only reason for this is Israel’s central role in the war. Without Israel no one would be paying attention.

British author and political commentator Douglas Murray explained this: “I’m fed up with the double standards. Hundreds of thousands of Muslims have been slaughtered by Bashar al Assad in the Syrian civil war over the past 12 years. Nobody was on the streets, not in Sydney, not in Melbourne, not in London. We have seen hundreds of thousands of people murdered in the last few decades; Muslims are being murdered in Yemen. Because of this, no one took to the streets and called for the Houthis to be killed. Nobody is marching for dead Muslims in Yemen. No one in Islam gives a damn about their fellow believers. Nothing. Muslims don’t love other Muslims. They have no love for others.”


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Even Bill Maher, known for his political talk show Real Time with Bill Maher, cannot be said to be on the side of Israel for religious reasons or because of biblical promises. He is famous for his monologues, which I have followed for years, and he said the following a week after that accursed Shabbat morning on October 7th. “We had a difficult week. The terrorist group that rules the Gaza Strip, Hamas, has broken into Israel and murdered over 1,300 men, women and children. And then the college kids in America asked: What’s going on here? Harvard chapters and student organizations signed a letter essentially expressing solidarity with the Palestinian murderers, but there was a backlash because some CEOs said they would blacklist these students when they sought jobs. Then there’s the Democratic Socialists of America, I didn’t really know these people existed but I’m not sure I’m one of them, the Connecticut chapter put out a statement: No peace for stolen land. By the way, this isn’t stolen land, okay! And then I heard from another person, a porn star, Mia Khalifa, who I didn’t know about before, who also cheered the massacres. Mia, if you tried to do your work in Gaza, I’m not sure they would give you a warm welcome. No, they wouldn’t, because you would be set on fire, you idiot.” Maher didn’t find out until he was 12 that his mother was Jewish; he grew up Catholic because of his father. Maher describes himself as an atheist and is strongly critical of religion, seeing it as a catalyst for wars and fundamentalism.

The Western world, which we see as a logical, advanced and humane, continually contradicts itself when it comes to Israel. But when they do so, nothing that they otherwise hold to be good or bad seems true anymore. Every normal person is against terror, but once Israel is in the ring, either terror is OK or Israel is a terrorist, too. In the West, people are proud of their freedoms, but in our conflict they value the brutal and oppressive terror regime in the Gaza Strip more than liberal and progressive Israel. Very few in the media are still honest, with themselves and their viewers.