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Tachles With Aviel – This Is How a World War Begins

Tachles is a modern Hebrew word meaning “to the point.” Anyone who knows me, knows that’s how I like it. In this episode: World War III.

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Are we on the verge of World War III?
Are we on the verge of World War III? Photo: Pixabay

The current conflict in Europe has shown me anew how easily peoples can plunge into a world war. This is not only a war between Russia and Ukraine. Other nations are interfering as well. The USA, France, Germany, England and others under the NATO umbrella support Ukraine. On the other side, Belarus, Syria, Iran, Venezuela, China, Nicaragua and other countries stand by the Russians. As Putin and Saudi Crown Prince MBS cozied up in recent weeks, warming relations between Moscow and Riyadh sparked fear in the West.

Until a year ago, a war in the West was seen as nigh impossible. War can happen anywhere, but not in Europe, not after World War II and the rise of modernity with its supposed new enlightenment. People truly believe that war in Europe was a thing of the past. And they’ve been saying as much for years. If there were to be an explosion, everyone was certain it would be in the Middle East, and not in the peaceful West. But the reality of life shows that even in the West, sanity falters when the hubris of rulers lead to dead ends.

Has Putin effectively started World War III? Photo: Tomer Neuberg/FLASH90

In a certain way, Russian President Vladimir Putin allows himself what the Americans have allowed themselves time and again: to start wars anywhere in the world. Whether rightly or not is not the issue. Everything is seen subjectively by the warring parties. Wars break out because it is human nature and always will be. European governments will not succeed with humanism, especially as they doze off repeating the mantra “turn the other cheek.” But this also applies to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who must also use foresight and not be tempted by advice from Western governments. Bad political decisions can embroil us all in a global war.

Instead of backing Putin into a corner, perhaps one should consider using more wisdom to bail out the Russian tsar. That could benefit everyone. After all, the Russian superpower isn’t showing itself to be as great as one might have imagined. The Russian Empire is now buying arms from Iran and urgently recruiting Syrian and Iranian soldiers from the Middle East. Iranian kamikaze drones bombard Kyiv. Where are the Russian missiles? Behind the scenes and unofficially, Israeli private companies with technological defense systems against the Iranian drones are busy, among other things, to learn from them. After all, these Iranian kamikaze drones were designed to attack Israel, not Ukraine. Now the Iranians are deploying their missiles and drones in Europe, not Israel.

Drohnen und Maschinengewehre kommen bei der Hamas gegen Israel zum Einsatz.
Hamas uses drones and other homegrown and Iranian weapons against Israel. Photo: Attia Muhammed/Flash90

If the other allies mobilize, either on the side of the Russians or the Ukraine, then we will all slide into conflict, into a third world war. Admission of Ukraine to NATO would lead to World War III. “Kyiv is aware that such a step means a certain escalation toward a third world war,” said Deputy Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Alexander Venediktov in mid-October.

What does a ruler like Putin have to lose when he sees his entire vision and empire collapsing? Nothing. Therefore he went so far as to threaten a nuclear attack. And he’s not bluffing. In other words, “Let my soul die with the Philistines.” This is a biblical term, according to which a person who cannot find a way out will drag himself and everyone around him to his death. And the Ukrainians take it seriously. So much so that many are planning an “end of the world” sex orgy ahead of Vladimir Putin’s nuclear attack. More than 15,000 people have already registered for this doomsday event on a hill near the capital Kyiv.

A world war is becoming more and more likely in our generation, and once again opening stage is likely to be Europe, not the Middle East.


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