Team Triumph After Calling God’s Number!

European prayer coalition helps defuse Paris ‘peace’ summit, proving God is still in control

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Following my claim (in my last posting) that the Paris ‘peace conference’ was an answer to prayer, confirmation has come from the report of a small European coalition of fervent intercessors who have proved that the God of Israel is still in charge of world events!

When last month’s UN Security Council vote effectively delegitimized much of Israel, there was grave concern that the Paris summit involving 70 nations would ‘stick the knife in’ – diplomatically-speaking – with further harsh measures in a bid to impose a settlement on the protagonists despite their absence from the meeting.

But the communiqué issued afterwards said little more than what has become standard fare for the past several decades, insisting that the two sides step up their efforts to achieve peace on the basis of a ‘two-state solution’.

Particularly notable was the fact that Britain, who had shamefully voted for the UN resolution, had a change of heart – not only by failing to send its Foreign Secretary to the convocation, but by refusing to sign the motion, believing it would only harden attitudes.

This could well have been linked in part to journalist Melanie Phillips’ open letter to Prime Minister Theresa May accusing the British Government of anti-Semitism in its betrayal of Israel.

But among others who clearly played a part in thus weakening the international threat against the Jews was British author, speaker and veteran Israel supporter Fred Wright who, with a small team of theological students from Holland, Germany and Poland, travelled to the French capital and prayed throughout the conference for God to step in.

“Wow, wow and wow again,” he enthused. “We went in faith against overwhelming odds by sight – and the Lord came through for his land and people!”

Fred said it was something of an untested experience for him, and he had met none of the 13 students before. “It was a bit random on getting updates as to how the conference was proceeding, but we were there and believed that our prayers would be sufficient. As the meeting dragged on, we made a decision to stay until it was over – we didn’t think we could leave until we had the result. It meant we were in danger of missing our flights, but it turned out that it would have happened anyway due to the combination of weather conditions and a traffic accident en route to the airport. However, overnight accommodation and the extra expense of booking new flights at short notice left some of us in financial difficulties. A few of us were even prepared to fly on to New York, if necessary, to help bring this business to an end. But we just had to trust the Lord, and this was one of the most magnificent breakthroughs I have seen for many years.

“We had even symbolically declared the Lord’s triumph at the Arc de Triomphe!”

A prolific author and historian, with works including Father, Forgive Us (Olive Press and Monarch Books), Fred also strives to support Jews from Eastern Europe and elsewhere to make aliyah (immigrate to Israel) in fulfillment of many ancient prophecies about restoration to the land.

Jeremiah 33.3 is sometimes referred to as ‘God’s telephone number’ – 333 – because the verse says: “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.” And the context is the promise of restoration for God’s beleaguered people – at the time under the cosh of the Babylonians.

The simple truth is that, though not perfect by any means, they are His chosen ones and he is on their side!

Charles Gardner is author of Israel the Chosen, available from Amazon, and Peace in Jerusalem, available from


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