Teenage Sons Sue Father Over Corona Vaccine

Father argues that Israel is prematurely pushing vaccine on youth; judge leans on recommendation of Ministry of Health

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Vaccine
An Israeli youth receives a vaccine shot.
An Israeli teenager receives a vaccine shot. The government has recommended inoculating all 12-15-year-olds against COVID-19. Photo: Jamal Awad/Flash90

Israel is dealing with a mounting, albeit somewhat mild controversy over the vaccination of teenagers against the COVID-19 virus. While a great many Israelis (especially those looking to travel abroad) were ready and waiting to vaccinate their teenage children, others felt the campaign to jab the nations 12-15-year-olds was premature, if not unnecessary.

One father outright refused to consent when his two 15-year-old sons requested to be vaccinated. So they took him to court.

Last week the Haifa Magistrate’s Court ruled in favor of the boys, ordering that they be vaccinated forthwith in accordance with their own wishes, Channel 12 News reported. The mother had already agreed to let her sons be vaccinated.

The father had argued that numerous experts appearing in the media have said that vaccinating the nation’s youth is not an urgent matter. What’s more, while the World Health Organization has determined that the Pfizer vaccine is safe for children 12-15, it acknowledges that trials for this age group are still ongoing.

The two boys countered that they understand the issues, but given that they are both involved in groups sports, and therefore in regular contact with other teens, they would feel safer being vaccinated.

The court concluded that it could not rule based on the opinions of this or that expert appearing on the nightly news, and must defer to the Ministry of Health’s recommendation that Israeli children between the ages of 12-15 be vaccinated. Israel Today can confirm that Israelis have been receiving automated phone calls from our HMOs recommending that we bring our teenage children in for vaccination against COVID-19 at the earliest opportunity.

The judge also determined that given the boys’ age and level of social activity, they had a right to be involved in and even make this decision on their own.

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