Terror Victim Accuses UK of Funding Palestinian Violence

Stabbed 13 times and forced to watch her friend die, Kay Wilson has for years been demanding that the UK stop funding terror

By Yossi Aloni | | Topics: palestinians
Kay Wilson visiting the site of the fatal stabbing attack that took the life of her friend. Photo: Miriam Alster / Flash90

Kay Wilson, an Israeli-British tour guide who, along with her visiting American friend Kristin Loken, was attacked by terrorists in a forest near Jerusalem in 2010 has accused the British government of helping to encourage such violence. Loken was killed in the heinous attack, and Wilson sustained 13 stab wounds, surviving only because the terrorists thought her already dead.

Now, one of those terrorists is earning a handsome monthly salary thanks to foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority.

Wilson has for years been demanding that the British government stop providing money to the Palestinian Authority, insisting that at present it is effectively financing terrorist activity. In a recent tweet that included a photograph of the killer, Wilson wrote: “This is the savage who bludgeoned me with a machete, ripping into my flesh 13 times & pummeling me with such force, he broke over 30 bones. Through their foreign aid, the UK government @DFID_UK pay him a salary. He’s received over £70,000 – his salary is due to go up. Disgraceful”

The tweet triggered an online firestorm, compelling the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID), which is in charge of doling out British taxpayers’ money to foreign entities like the Palestinian Authority, to respond by claiming, “The UK strongly condemns all acts of terrorism and violence. No UK aid is used for prisoner payments. We have robust safeguards in place to make sure aid to the Palestinian Authority only pays the salaries of vetted health and education public servants.”

For years, the British government, like many other Western nations, has provided the Palestinian Authority with large amounts of foreign aid in order to pay the salaries of teachers and health care workers. But Wilson insists that much of that money is used to pay stipends and salaries to Palestinian terrorists jailed by Israel and to their families, a practice that Israel says only perpetuates the conflict. Wilson notes that without British foreign aid, the Palestinian Authority wouldn’t have the resources to continue doing so.

Wilson’s tragic story was part of a previous motion in the UK parliament to reevaluate financial aid to the Palestinian Authority. 

But the DFIF continues to naively maintain that “British aid is not used for Palestinian prisoners or their families. British support to the Palestinian Authority helps to hire education and health workers… And we have strict audit mechanisms to make sure that this help is not diverted.”

Even so, the UK does acknowledge that the Palestinian Authority offers financial rewards to jailed terrorists, and has called for more transparency on how and where the Palestinians spend their foreign aid. 

In 2018-2019, British assistance ostensibly paid the salaries of 37,600 Palestinian teachers, doctors and other health care professionals, facilitating the education of 26,000 children, 3,300 vaccines and 111,000 medical consultations.

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