MembersThe Afridis, the Jaduns and the Lost Tribes, PART II


By Tsvi Sadan |
MEMBERS OF THE TRIBE? Afridi fighters in 1878 Photo: Creative Commons

My conversation with Eyal Beeri on the possible link between the Pathans of India and the people of Israel (see Israel Today, November 2016) has led me to other Jews who genuinely believe that other Pashtun groups in both Pakistan and Afghanistan are actually Israelite tribes. Among those that possibly have Israelite roots are the Yousafzais, Swatis, Jaduns and the Afridis.


To analyze this renewed Jewish fascination with the Lost Tribes of Israel, I met with Nadav Sofy, who believes that the return of the lost sons of Israel must precede the coming of Messiah. Since the Messiah is essentially a question of faith, so, too, is the approach to potential candidates for lost tribes. Ultimately, these connections can only be based on traditions rather than any scientific evidence.


Sofy is not a scholar, but a software developer whose mission in life is...

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