MembersThe Dawn of a New Era Has Risen Upon the State of Israel

It will be a challenge to keep this disparate coalition together, but if successful, the opportunities are unprecedented

By Jason Silverman | | Topics: Elections
Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Yesterday (June 13), Israel’s new ‘change’ government was officially sworn in, ending the 12-year-long reign of the Likud’s Benjamin Netanyahu. A surreal sight indeed, Netanyahu delivered what was essentially his first speech not as prime minister, but as the country’s new leader of the opposition.

The last time he roamed the halls of the opposition in the Knesset was in April 2009, just before entering what would become the longest tenure of any prime minister in Israel’s 73-year history. In yesterday’s speech, he vied to place a fierce opposition in front of the new government, promising to return to leading the country in the near future. Netanyahu claimed that Israel’s arch-enemies such as Iran and Hezbollah are rejoicing in his loss of power, stating that incoming Prime Minister Naftali Bennett will be incapable of withstanding international pressure to build an independent Palestinian state and to accept an American reentry into the Iran Nuclear Agreement.

After shaking...

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