The Desert Blossoms, the Mountain Glitters Flash90

The Desert Blossoms, the Mountain Glitters

The south of the country, which last summer was devastated by fires caused by flaming kites and balloon bombs from Gaza, is currently covered by a blanket of red anemones.

Surrounded by such beauty, one can forget for a moment the destruction that has touched so much of the local wildlife. At the same time, snow was falling on Mount Hermon in the north. There, too, it covers an earth scarred by conflict, because not far away are the terror tunnels dug by Hezbollah to invade the Galilee, but which were discovered and sealed by the IDF. Resilient as always, Israelis don’t let these dangers and calamities slow them down, and were out in great numbers to enjoy the beauty of nature. No doubt the next conflict is around the…