MembersThe First Messianic Jew to Run for Knesset


By David Lazarus |
Photo: David Friedman

David Friedman is the first Messianic Jew to run for a seat in Israel’s Knesset. He is fourth on the list for the new Bible Bloc party. Like all other parties, it must clear the fourmandate electoral threshold (nearly 150,000 votes, assuming a 75 percent voter turnout) to enter parliament.

Israel Today: Why did you get into politics?

 David Friedman: I met Dennis (Avi) Lipkin, chairman of the Bible Bloc party, during my IDF service in 1993. We were the only two soldiers praying the Jewish early morning prayers. We got to know each other and found we have very similar political views, him a modern Orthodox Jew, myself a conservative Messianic Jew. I am not a professional politician, I simply came to the conclusion that it was time to stand up for what I believe. Our nation is divided. Everyone thinks that his religion is right and this has caused Jews to despise other Jews. We are destroying ourselves, and we want to advocate for a more tolerant and united Israel.

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