MembersThe Jewish State Is Not My Hope

Disappointed with what’s happening in Israel? Finding it difficult to whole-heartedly support the Jewish State?

| Topics: End Times
The Garden of Eden by Rubens. It's easy to visualize paradise when there are only two people in it.
The Garden of Eden by Rubens. It's easy to visualize paradise when there are only two people in it. Photo: Public domain

We are just 75 years at home in our land and we Jews still cannot stop fighting among ourselves, and we wonder where in the world are we going in these final chapters of our story.

Well, we need to know where we are going if we are ever going to get there, and it is the prophetic hope that gives us the courage to keep moving toward the future, hopeless as it might look. I am talking about the dream of all dreams and the only hope worthy of our attention. It is that day when great multitudes, so many that no one will be able to number them, will come from every nation, tribe, people and tongue, Gentiles and Jews, you and me, and we will live together, love one another and enjoy the blessings of our God in a New Jerusalem whose architect is God and for which the prophets long and the Messiah came.

Without this clear image of where we are going our vision clouds, and in the chaos and fear we lose heart and become...

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8 responses to “The Jewish State Is Not My Hope”

  1. Carl Gove says:

    A wonderful article David!

  2. Carl Gove says:

    Larry, I recently attended a conference in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho where I live on last day events, eschatology. A good brother shared at the end and gave advice on “how we ought to live” in the face of the wickedness of our times. He said Peter’s first epistle has always given him guidance. David’s article reminded me of his exhortation. Our holding to the sure hope for God’s better world to come and displaying the character of Yeshua as much as we know how will speak the loudest to the world around us.

    “He who says he abides in Him ought himself also to walk just as He walked.”

  3. Carl Gove says:

    God is preparing us for a great day of testing when courage and character in Him will win the day. David’s article should stir our hearts to further consecration of our lives to His purposes.

  4. David Lush says:

    Deep calls to deep. Thank you David for sharing this. God bless you.

  5. hdfuerst says:

    google translation: Why shouldn’t the Jewish state be our hope?
    The people of Israel received their land from God. The nations do not begrudge them their land, but God will ensure that they keep it and greet the coming Messiah with jubilation. The beginning has been made, finally the directives and instructions of God are enforced. It just doesn’t need to be intimidated now. Don’t be afraid of the next time!

    Warum sollte der Jüdische Staat nicht unsere Hoffnung sein?
    Das israelische Volk hat ihr Land von Gott erhalten. Die Nationen gönnen ihnen ihr Land nicht, aber Gott wird dafür sorgen, dass sie es behalten und dem kommenden Messias jubelnd begrüßen. Der Anfang ist gemacht, endlich werden die Richtlinien und Anweisungen Gottes durchgesetzt. Es muss jetzt nur sich nicht einschüchtern lassen. Keine Angst vor der nächsten Zeit!

    • Mark Watkins says:


      Amin Yisrael is our Tikva ~ hope, Mashiach Yeshua is our Blessed hope, we just need to encourage and be a blessing to Yisrael, The Jewish People, and to always remember Tehillim 122:6 for in doing so we are really say come Yeshua come… Maranatha….

      Amin Yisrael ist unsere Tikva ~ Hoffnung, Mashiach Yeshua ist unsere gesegnete Hoffnung, wir müssen Yisrael, das jüdische Volk, nur ermutigen und ein Segen sein, und uns immer an Tehillim 122:6 erinnern, denn dabei sagen wir wirklich, komm Yeshua, komm … Maranatha….

  6. Mark Watkins says:

    Shalom David,

    Maamar yafeh, I am not one who has or ever will I give up on Yerushalayim…While things may appear to be bleak, discouraging, this too will pass, as soon as I read you’re piece, this came to mind: Let my tongue cling to the roof of my mouth If I do not remember you, If I do not prefer Yerushalayim Above my chief joy, Tehillim ~ Psalm 137:6 Amplified Bible.

    One more point, lo yih’yeh shalom ad sheyavo shylh , Beresheit ~ Genesis 49:10 (Paraphrased). sheyavo maher bay’miyno.

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