Is coronavirus a sign of the End Times? Nati Shohat/Flash90

The Spiritual Dimension of the Corona Pandemic

Why are religious Jews suffering most? It’s because the Messiah is at the doorstep, say top rabbis


The death of revered Rabbi Eliyahu Bakshi-Doron from the Coronavirus at the age of 79 tests the faith of those who wonder why of all people, ultra-Orthodox Jews are so severely stricken by this disease.

Many Israelis say that the ultra-Orthodox behavior reflects a blind faith typical of those who would believe a rabbi’s promise that studying Torah and giving alms is all that would be needed to protect one against the pandemic.

Some even went so far as to compare the ultra-Orthodox to terrorists.

In response to a Facebook post I wrote a few days ago, one “friend” commented:

“Think of what some of the ultra-Orthodox are causing us. They took advantage of the Purim holiday for a terror attack against us … some of them have done a kind of a terror act that badly hurt the people.”

This is but one example of Jews who blame the ultra-Orthodox for the spread of the coronavirus in Israel. Such accusations are not really much different from blaming the Jews for the Black Plague.


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