MembersThe Spiritual Dimension of the Corona Pandemic

Why are religious Jews suffering most? It’s because the Messiah is at the doorstep, say top rabbis

By Tsvi Sadan | | Topics: Prophecy, Messiah, End Times, Coronavirus
Is coronavirus a sign of the End Times?
Photo: Nati Shohat/Flash90

The death of revered Rabbi Eliyahu Bakshi-Doron from the Coronavirus at the age of 79 tests the faith of those who wonder why of all people, ultra-Orthodox Jews are so severely stricken by this disease.

Many Israelis say that the ultra-Orthodox behavior reflects a blind faith typical of those who would believe a rabbi’s promise that studying Torah and giving alms is all that would be needed to protect one against the pandemic.

Some even went so far as to compare the ultra-Orthodox to terrorists.

In response to a Facebook post I wrote some time ago, one “friend” commented:

“Think of what some of the ultra-Orthodox are causing us. They took advantage of the Purim holiday for a terror attack against us … some of them have done a kind of a terror act that badly hurt the people.”

This is but one example of Jews who blame the ultra-Orthodox for the spread of the coronavirus in Israel. Such accusations are not really much different from blaming the Jews for the Black Plague.

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