MembersThe Jewish Way to Deal With Climate Crisis

Why is no one, not even religious Jews, recognizing the link between climate change and obedience to God?

| Topics: Climate Change, Global Warming
In some ways Israel is more "green" than most countries, but the war on climate change still isn't a national priority.
Israel's post-modern leftists believe climate change can be solved by eliminating capitalism. Photo: Tomer Neuberg/Flash90

There are Jews like Naomi Klein who believe that the climate crisis can be solved by replacing capitalism with the neo-Marxist idea of “climate justice.”

Climate justice speaks of “just division,” “fair sharing,” “fair distribution of resources” and so on. More specifically, the advocates of climate justice are calling to replace the nation-state with open spaces, where climate change refugees will be welcomed and enjoy the rights citizens have. Along with it, indigenous land rights should be respected. These Jews are hoping that their sense of justice will help end the grotesque levels of inequality, that in turn will solve the climate crisis, assumed to be created by the capitalist “sinners.” And notably, these Jews believe that restoring indigenous land rights includes “Palestine,” now occupied by the colonial Zionist “sinners,” never mind that a Palestinian state or nation has never existed.

This is an interesting approach to the climate crisis because, as the Bible does, it rests on the assumption that man is responsible for the earth’s climate; that man’s behavior can affect climate for good or bad. The most...

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