The King of Israel Goes to Washington on Purim

Is it merely a coincidence that Netanyahu will address Congress regarding the Iranian threat on the eve of Purim?

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With Purim just days away, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu preparing to address the US Congress tomorrow, we present this analogy of Israel’s past and present dealing with the Persian threat and associated world leaders.

And so it came to pass that the people rose up and declared to the Prime Minister of Israel, “O Mighty Minister of Israel, go now, even on the eve of Purim, March 3, 2015, and speak to that Man in the White House. Remind him once again of the plots and plans of that evil Tyrant of Teheran. Tell him, O Minister, of his devises to bring devastation, annihilation and destruction upon the Jewish people in all the lands that they dwell.”

“My dear people,” replied the Chief Minister of Israel, “Have I not already these many times entered into the Chambers of that Man in the White House. Indeed, I have gone down to Washington already these two times in 2012 and 2013 on the Festival of Purim to warn him of the Persian plots to destroy our people. Yea, have I not made it clear to all that that Teheranian Warlord will bring his sword not only upon my people, but upon the peoples of many nations?

“Amen, amen I say to you, I have warned all those with ears to hear of the schemes the terrible Tyrant of Teheran is plotting even now with the wicked Hezbollah, Hamas and other evil Jihadists, and of their violence and venom that has spread throughout many lands. I have shown them in detail of the new weapon of mass destruction being built in Teheran, a weapon more powerful than our chariots and horses. A weapon so great that it will turn the sun into darkness and the moon to blood, even as the prophets have spoken.

“But alas, the Man in the White House has not called on me these many months. He is now even refusing to allow me into his chambers and has sent his eunuchs and many other servants warning me not to come.

“Indeed a multitude of false media reports, as many as the grains of sand of the sea, have been spread throughout all the lands declaring that I am to be shunned and disregarded. My own people have believed the lies and they will cast me out of their presence and a new Prime Minister of Israel will arise, a leader who knows not the evil Persia. I cannot go!”

“O Mighty Minister of Israel,” shouted the people. “Who can we send but you? Who can speak of the evil deeds of Teheran’s tyranny? You alone have grown up in those troubled lands and come face to face with these evil powers fighting them with your own hands. You can bring light to that which is hidden in the darkness.”

And so it came to pass, that the King of Israel took it upon himself to go down to Washington on the Eve of Purim. And many peoples shouted this and that, but the King of Israel would not heed their complaints. Indeed, all of the shouting only strengthened his resolve to speak with greater immediacy and authority.

The Man in the White House, however, was afraid of what the King would say. And so he ran, hid in his chambers, locked the doors and stuck his fingers into his ears. But alas, the words of the King of Israel were so loud that they penetrated even unto the House and the Kingdom of America was in an uproar that their Emperor had acted so foolishly closing his ears to the King of Israel, his closest ally.

And it came to pass that once again salvation came to the Jews from another source. For the Lord threw the enemies of Israel into confusion and they began to fight each other. Muslim against Muslim, Shiites fought with Sunnis, Iraqis against Iraqis, Syrian against Syrians. And the Lord allowed yet another rinky-dink Islamic State to fight with all the other Muslim nations, who then began fighting back until all hell broke loose in the Middle East. And it came to pass that only Israel remained, unto this day, a place of joy and everlasting security under the wings of the Most High.


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