MembersThe Koran vs. the Palestinian Narrative

by Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury

Does the Muslim holy book make any mention of Palestine?

| Topics: Islam
Photo: Rodnae / Pexels

I was interviewed last month by Mike Wagenheim, Senior US Correspondent of  i24 News. During this interview, giving specific reference to the Koran, I said there is really no existence of anything named Palestinian territory. Instead, the Koran clearly says Israel is the blessed land gifted by God to the children of Israel (Isaac’s descendants) – meaning Jews.

Nowhere in the Koran is it stated that the blessed land (Israel) was for the children of both Isaac and Ishmael. Therefore, demanding a country named Palestine within the borders of the Land of Israel is a direct violation of the Koran and could even be deemed as blasphemy!

The Koran in 5:20-21 says that Allah gave the Holy Land (Israel) to the Jews. This is a very disquieting fact for many Muslims, which they will never address because all the anti-Israel propaganda says that the Jews are “colonialists” who have invaded and stolen the land of the “Palestinians.”


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