The Messianic Triangle in Israeli Politics Abir Sultan/Flash90

The Messianic Triangle in Israeli Politics

Some call it the “holy trinity” of Israel, and it’s what kept Netanyahu from realizing a government coalition


Israel’s religious settler movement is divided. Can a government rely on Gentiles, or is this biblically forbidden? On this issue the opinions of the leading rabbis of the Zionist settler movement in the biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria diverge completely. The ruling Likud party and Benjamin Netanyahu have come to the conclusion that a government coalition that either includes or relies on Arabs is more beneficial than one that includes left-wing Jews. Netanyahu has thus lured the rabbis into a quandary. They have fallen into the trap and are completely at odds on this matter.

Bibi had no other choice, because although the right-wing, with its 72 out of 120 Knesset seats, would have a solid majority, the bloc is split on the topic of Netanyahu himself. In order to stay in power, he needed the Islamists, or more precisely: the Ra’am party.


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