MembersThe Most Hated Jews of Our Time

They are not “the Israelis,” not even “the Zionists” – loathed though they all are. These Jews are demonized to an unprecedented degree

How dare Jews try to establish a life on lands their ancestors once inhabited! A Jewish settler family in Judea. Photo: Gershon Elinson/FLASH90

Can you guess who they are – the most detested Jews of our day; those who enrage antisemites everywhere, obsess the news media and infuriate world leaders?

They are not the bogey-men “Christ-killers” or “Wandering Jew”; not the “hook-nosed, bearded ghetto Jews”; not “the Jews who control the banks,” the “lecherous money-lending Jews” or “the Jews who dominate Hollywood.”

They are not “the Israelis,” not even “the Zionists” – loathed though they all are.

The most hated Jew of our times is the Jew living on the Golan Heights, in Samaria and Judea and in the eastern suburbs of Jerusalem – the Settler Jew.

A little under 10 percent of Israel’s seven million Jews are settlers. Many of them comprise the most God-fearing communities in the land. Young Jews from these neighbourhoods are often called Israel’s crème-de-la-crème – clean-living, hardworking, excelling in education and in their military service.

What makes these Jews the most incensing is the fact that they out-and-out spurn global opinion by choosing to live where they do. The world regards them as the officially-sanctioned representatives...

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