MembersThe Most Israeli French Stylist

An exclusive interview with Sophie who found her “Paris” in Jerusalem and empowers Israeli women through Zionist fashion

By Anat Schneider | | Topics: Zionism
Photo: Courtesy

I met Sophie when I was looking for advice on how to dress for my daughter Eden’s wedding. I wanted to look dignified, and yet stay true to myself and feel comfortable.

And Sophie scored a bull’s eye.

While going from place to place with her, a connection was formed between us that goes beyond work. I realized that before me was a fascinating woman who managed to make radical changes in her life and reach a place where she realizes her loves and desires in life and even makes a living from them.

In her work, Sophie combines her French background, her love for the Land of Israel and her love for fashion; managing to turn her profession into a mission and calling.

The trigger that made me invite her for an interview, was the story of her son’s bar mitzvah celebration that was postponed several times because of Corona – since the relatives from France could not come due to travel restrictions. And then, when a date was finally set for the event, Operation Guardian of...

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