MembersThe One-State Solution is the Most Dangerous Threat to the Jewish State

A one-state solution in the Holy Land won’t become a new Switzerland, but rather another Lebanon

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Would a democracy evenly split between Jews and Arabs be able to remain the "Jewish state"? Photo: Nati Shohat/Flash90

The grim consequences of security challenges that Israel copes with on a daily basis are not the only existential threats to the Jewish state. Whether it is Palestinian terror, Hezbollah the northern border, or Iran with its presence in Syria and developing nuclear capabilities, none of these are true existential threats to the Jewish State.

Israel may be a small country with around 9.2 million residents, but it has one of the most powerful militaries in the world. Moreover, Israel possesses superior technological advancement and intelligence capabilities that are unchallenged in most of the world. Jerusalem is more than capable of fighting off any external military threat it faces.

The existential threat Israel now faces is the Trojan horse deceptively being promoted as a dream-like wonderland for Jews and Arabs called the “One-State Solution.”

Recent polls among Palestinians in the West Bank have shown that there is an increase in support for a single, bi-national state as the feasibility of a two-state solution dwindles. The more hope is lost among consecutive Palestinian generations, the more support grows for accepting one-state, which...

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