Members“The Palestinians Distort the History of Jerusalem”

A conversation with noted expert Dr. Shmuel Berkowitz

By Israel Today Staff |
Photo: Israel Heute

He does not see a solution to the conflict surrounding the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Nevertheless, attorney and noted Jerusalem expert Dr. Samuel Berkowitz believes that Israel should continue talks with the Palestinians: “The very notion that Jews are threatening to destroy the mosques on the Temple Mount arouses great anger.” Having spent decades studying the situation, Berkowitz reminds Editor-in-Chief Aviel Schneider that 35 years ago, the renowned academics at Harvard University actually presented a possible scenario for a third world war that would be sparked by conflict over the Temple Mount. “I take this very seriously,” he warns. “The Muslims are experts at instigating uprisings.” Berkowitz has written several books on the topic, among them “How Terrible Is this Place” (Carta, 2006). The title is an echo of Genesis 28:17 – מה נורא המקום הזה – Mah norah ha-makom ha-zeh! ” – another translation of which can be “how awesome is this place.”

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