MembersThe Prophet Micah: A Voice From Society’s Fringes

In the second half of the 8th century BC, there were several prophets active in the Kingdom of Judah.

By Avshalom Kapach |
Photo: WikiCommons

The prophet Isaiah served in the courts of the kings, among the elite in Jerusalem. On society’s fringes, another prophet, Micah, was addressing himself to the masses, the simple and poorer people. He was a fringe prophet, and the first to declare aloud the coming destruction of Jerusalem.


And yet, a number of Micah’s prophecies are very similar to those issued by Isaiah. What this signifies is that divine criticism is not restricted to certain classes of the population, but is applicable to the entire nation.


The prophet Micah came from Marsha (Moresheth), a town in the western border region of the kingdom. In contrast to the other prophets, his predictions openly targeted the whole population. He did not present his outlines through visions or symbolic actions. Nor does the Book of Micah comment at all on his personal connection to God. It doesn’t even explain how he received his prophecies from God. For Micah, it was clear that his...

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