MembersThe Rabbi Saves His People

Rabbi Daniel Zion, the late Chief Rabbi of Bulgaria, is one of Messianic Judaism’s greatest heroes.

By David Lazarus |
Photo: Public Domain

The son of a yeshiva head, Daniel was selected to be Chief Rabbi of Bulgaria in the early years of World War II. It was during this period, he later explained, that Daniel had a revelation. “I was praying at sunrise and saw a vision of Yeshua the Messiah. I asked other rabbis what it meant. They couldn’t, or wouldn’t say.” Trying to understand the vision, he visited a Bulgarian Orthodox bishop who providentially encouraged the Chief Rabbi to focus on the Jewish heritage of Yeshua, and not the teachings of traditional Christianity.

Rabbi Daniel never joined a church, but continued living out his faith in Yeshua as an Orthodox Jew. Though his faith in the Messiah became well known, Daniel was able to maintain his position and even gain great respect as Chief Rabbi of Bulgaria.

Joseph Shulam, a Messianic Jewish pastor from Jerusalem whose mother and sister were members of Rabbi Daniel’s synagogue in Bulgaria, tells the story:

“When Nazi Germany occupied Bulgaria, Rabbi Daniel Zion became the object of persecution and ridicule. He was...

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