MembersThe Spread of Corona in the Persian Gulf

These scenes look apocalyptic, but like Israel, Kuwait has gotten head of COVID-19

By Edy Cohen | | Topics: Kuwait
Coronavirus is being combatted effectively in Kuwait.

COVID-19, the coronavirus, has touched down in the Persian Gulf and is beginning to leave its mark.

Countries around the world are taking drastic steps, albeit some more than others, in order to stop the rapid spread of this uncertain virus. One of the nations to proactively implement precautions before the virus’s outbreak and a loss of control was Kuwait. After witnessing the complacence that characterized the initial responses in places like Italy and Iran, the Kuwaitis came to the realization that they needed to act quickly and resolutely in order to remain ahead of the pandemic.


Kuwait ready for coronavirus

According to official data, there are approximately 100 carriers of the virus in Kuwait, although it is estimated that there may be thousands that are still unaware that they have been infected.

Many are suspected of having been infected by carriers originating from Iran as well as by Egyptian foreign workers and British tourists. This led to a barrage of public criticism towards the government because of the current shortage of test kits which resulted in...

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