MembersThe Topsy-Turvey Political Leanings of Israeli Millennials

In much of Europe and the United States, young adults–the so-called Millennials–are leaning ever more left.

By Ryan Jones |
Photo: Kobi Gideon/GPO

Confusingly, they largely oppose the “big government” agenda of most left-wing parties, but are at the same time easily seduced by the socialist messages of those same parties.

It’s for that reason that, despite the growing problem of Muslim migration and the accompanying jihadist terrorism in Europe, liberal leaders continue to relatively easily win elections in Germany, France and Holland. And, while Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential election caught everyone off guard, he had the backing of only 37 percent of voters between the ages of 18-29.

Perhaps the situation in those countries has not yet become dire enough for platforms focused on immigration reform and security to carry the day. Or perhaps the voters are still just too naive to see those issues as being as important as they really are. After all, it took Israelis over 50 years of constant armed conflict to begin putting security front and center when deciding which ballot to cast. Europeans and Americans have been facing that kind of terrorism for only...

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