MembersThis is My Truth: Arab, Muslim, Zionist

Sara Zoabi speaks to Israel Today about why she supports, loves and fights for the Jewish state and the Zionist cause

By Ryan Jones | | Topics: Israeli Arabs, Zionism
Photo: Facebook

Why would a Muslim and an Arab be a Zionist? You don’t find many ethnic Greeks championing Polish nationalism, or Christians promoting the Hindu agenda. Calling oneself an Arab Muslim Zionist seems even more an oxymoron, given the long and contentious history between the seeds of Abraham. But that is precisely how Sara Zoabi defines herself, and proudly so.

Part of it has to do with the fact that Zionism, while very much the national and religious movement of the Jewish people, is at least in part relevant to all mankind. Either that, or all of Scripture is a farce.

“Calling myself a Zionist does not contradict the fact that I am Muslim,” Zoabi tells Israel Today. In truth, Zoabi does far more than just call herself a Zionist. She shouts it from the rooftops. She is all-in, in the same way Bible-believing Christian Zionists are all-in. She even sounds a little like them, for instance when she explains that “the point of Zionism is that God gave the Holy...

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