UN again denies Jewish connection to the Temple Mount

Resolution passed by 129-11 vote calls on Israel, among other things, to stop unilateral measures in the “occupied Palestinian territories”

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Temple Mount
The UN has adopted the Palestinian lie that the Jews have no history on the Temple Mount.
The UN has adopted the Palestinian lie that the Jews have no history on the Temple Mount. Photo: Aharon Krohn/Flash90

On December 1st, the General Assembly of the United Nations passed a resolution with an overwhelming majority of 129 to 11 votes denying the Jewish connection to the Temple Mount. The resolution calls on Israel, among other things, to end all unilateral measures in the “occupied Palestinian territories.” All states around the world are called upon not to recognize any changes to the pre-1967 borders and to provide neither aid nor support for what it calls Israel’s “illegal settlement activities.”

Furthermore, a section on Jerusalem was adopted in which the assembly reaffirmed its determination that all measures by the “occupying power Israel” aimed at imposing its laws and administration on the Holy City of Jerusalem are illegal. A press release by the Security Council from 2015 was recalled, which called for the historical status quo at “Haram al-Sharif” to be retained unchanged.

The representative of the United States pointed out that this resolution only mentions Haram al-Sharif and not “Haram al-Sharif / Temple Mount,” which would recognize the common history of the holy place. It was morally, historically and politically wrong for the UN to endorse a phrase that denies the Jewish link to the Temple Mount, the American said.

The fact that the resolution only uses the Muslim name “Haram al-Sharif” for the Temple Mount speaks volumes. The UN is being used as a platform by the Palestinian Authority and some Arab states in their blatant efforts to convert Judaism’s holiest site into an exclusively Islamic shrine.

The US criticized the lack of inclusive terminology for the site sacred to three religions. This raises “real and serious concerns,” said Washington, stressing that on this point the resolution in question was “morally, historically and politically wrong.” Several countries abstained from voting. Three years ago all European countries supported the same text, but this year a number of them changed their vote.

Hungary and the Czech Republic voted against the resolution, while Albania, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia abstained.

The British envoy also abstained. He criticized the purely Islamic terminology and the omission of any Jewish connection to the Temple Mount: “The UK has made clear for many years that we disagree with this approach – and while we welcome the removal of the majority of these references, we are disappointed that we were unable to find a solution to the final reference.” However, the British envoy stressed that the decision to abstain should not be misunderstood as a change in UK policy vis-a-vis Jerusalem. Rather, it is an affirmation of the shared history in Jerusalem of all three monotheistic religions.

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