MembersUncovered: What’s Really Going on in Iran

Israel Today takes you behind the scenes of the internal turmoil that threatens to tear apart the Islamic Republic of Iran

By Edy Cohen | | Topics: Iran
A demonstration in Germany against the murderous regime of Iran.
A demonstration in Germany against the murderous regime of Iran. Photo: EPA-EFE/FILIP SINGER

Many challenges await Iran’s new president, Ebrahim Raisi. There is the nuclear deal with the US, growing internal Iranian turmoil, a failing economy, and now more riots in Western Iran. For about a month, the regime has tried unsuccessfully to violently quell the Turkmans, Kurds and Ahvazi minorities in the region.

Minority groups in Ahvaz, in the southwest of Iran, led by the Ahvazis, have been waging an intifada against the regime. What is triggering the rage is a shortage of water, and these groups are demanding independence and liberation from the Iranian “occupation.” One hundred years of oppression must end, the activists cry, and the world has yet to hear their voices. Learn about their plight in an article we did three years ago.

The immediate trigger of these uprisings stems from the fact that the Iranians stole their water by rerouting the source from Ahvaz to Tehran, leaving local farmers without water for their flocks and fields, and even without drinking water.

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