MembersUnderstanding the Marxist Influence on the Israeli Left

A candid conversation with Amnon Lord, Israel’s foremost expert on the post-Zionist trends of left-wing politics

By Tsvi Sadan | | Topics: Zionism
Members of the formerly-Stalinist Hashomer Hatzair protest outside the Knesset in Jerusalem. Photo: Michal Fattal/Flash90

If one wants to understand how a post-Zionist, some would even argue anti-Zionist, government is even possible in 21st century Israel, one needs to know a little bit about the history of the Israeli Left. And to learn about the Left one needs to talk with Amnon Lord who is a treasure trove of knowledge on the subject.

Lord was born in Kibbutz Ein Dor a year before the socialist utopian revolution centered on the figure of Joseph Stalin, called by his admirers the “Sun of Nations,” went down for good. Ein Dor belonged to the once-Stalinist Hashomer Hatzair movement, established in 1916 as a Marxist-Zionist movement. Lord as such was raised on the most extreme fringes of the Israeli Left. His knowledge of the Left, therefore, is not academic. His is first and foremost a personal experience that has subsequently been enriched by his never-ending research of the Israeli Left.

Author of six books, all of which deal with the Left, Lord is a veteran journalist who started his career writing for the...

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